Matthews Lab

Comparative Respiratory Physiology

The Matthews Lab has a wide range of equipment for controlling temperature (CT cabinet, Peltier plate, CT water bath), measuring O2 and CO2 (LiCOR CO2 IR Gas analysers, PreSens fiber-optic O2 probes), tracking/recording animal activity (EthovisionXT and digital cameras), and measuring/mixing gases (Alicat mass flow controllers, CO2-free air purge gas generator). We also have fluorescent imaging capabilities and both additive and subtractive desktop manufacturing technologies for rapidly prototyping lab components. More details are given below:

IX73 Inverted microscope with image splitter

Nomad 883 CNC mill

IX73 Olympus Inverted Fluorescence Microscope


The IX73 is the lab's high magnification and fluorescence imaging workhorse. It has a broad spectrum X-Cite LED light-source for epifluorescent excitation of fluorophores, a trinocular output connected to an Ocean Optics Flame spectrometer for spectral analysis, and an imaging port configured with a Hamamatsu ORCA-Flash 4.0 Digital CMOS camera and W-View Gemini optical splitter to allow for simultaneous multi-wavelength imaging.



SZX10 Olympus Stereo Microscope


The SZX10 is a general low-power stereo microscope used for dissections and manipulation of specimens. It has a trinocular port with a Canon-compatible C-mount, allowing it to be used with DSLR cameras for imaging or time-lapse photography.



Carbide 3D Nomad 883 Pro Desktop CNC Mill


The Nomad is an enclosed desktop CNC mill with an 8" x 8" x 3" cutting area. It can handle a wide range of material, from wood and plastics right up through softer metals (aluminium, brass, etc.). Currently this machine is being used to mill Perspex to make respirometry chambers and microfluidics chips.










Ultimaker2+ Desktop 3D Printer


The Ultimaker2+ allows for the rapid prototyping of parts from either ABS or PLA plastic filament. This allows for dimensionally accurate, functional components to be designed using a 3D CAD program and then printed in the lab for immediate use.






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