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Comparative Respiratory Physiology

Details of funding opportunities for grad students and postdocs in the Zoology Department can be found here



The Matthews lab is currently seeking graduate students (PhD and MSc) interested in joining the lab in the Fall of 2020. Projects will focus on answering fundamental questions in insect physiology, including how newly-hatched aquatic insects remove the fluid from their tracheal system and replace it with gas while completely submerged. Potential PhD students with transcriptomics experience are also encouraged to apply.



There are no funded postdoc positions available at this time. However, highly competitive students interested in undertaking research in the lab are still encouraged to contact Phil to discuss potential research projects. Postdoc Fellowship applications are also encouraged.



There are occasional opportunities for students to volunteer in the lab to assist with research and animal maintenance. We will also consider NSERC USRA projects or 3rd year directed studies projects that can be pursued by highly motivated students with a strong record of academic performance. Projects may also be undertaken as part of an Honour's thesis.

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